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#FoodMetrology and Policy Making

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@ CNRExpoLab experts will introduce the fields in which #FoodMetrology -based approaches are being implemented into decision and policy making.
Dr. Franz Ulberth, from EU-JRC IRMM, Belgium, the leading EU laboratory working on development, production and distribution of reference materials, and in the development and validation of methods for food and feed analysis, will provide a picture of current and future challenges in food analysis to ensure safe and authentic products on the market.
Dr. Eniko Varga, from EFSA, Italy, the EU authority in charge of providing scientific evidences end expert support on food safety issues to decision and policy makers, will describe how reliable data are strongly needed for risk assessment purposes.
Dr. Isabel Castanheira, Portugal, from the International Measurement Confederation (IMEKO) Committee “Metrology in Food and Nutrition”, will talk about the contribution of IMEKO FOODS to strengthen the link between Metrology and Food Actors.
To draw a more complete picture on the state-of-the-art of #FoodMetrology research, the responsibles of research programs in national research institutions and private companies around Europe have been invited.
Dr. Andrea Rossi and Dr. Luigi Bergamaschi, from INRiM, Italy, will give a detailed picture on the Food Metrology program at the Italian Metrology Institute, providing examples of fingerprinting technologies applied to the analysis in food and raw materials.
Dr. Heidi Goenaga - Infante, from LCG, UK, will report efforts by her international life sciences measurement and testing company in providing reference materials and analytical testing products and services to support food safety.
Dr. Michelangelo Pascale, from ISPA CNR, Italy, will describe how International Proficiency Testing are beingused as a tool to evaluate the state-of-art of mass spectrometry-based methods for multi-mycotoxin measurements, in order to ensure standardization of results.
Dr. Marilena Gili, from IZS, Italy, will provide a picture of how metrological approaches are being implemented in official controls for veterinary drug residues determination in food by Veterinary Medical Research Institutes in Italy.
Dr. Giovanna Zappa, from ENEA, Italy, will give a picture of the Metrological Program for Innovation and Sustainability of the agro-food system in the Italian National Agency for New Technologies, Energy and Sustainable Economic Development.

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